Penance or Reconciliation

Penance or Reconciliation (Confession) is the sacrament of spiritual healing of a baptized person from the distancing from God resulting from sins committed. This sacrament may be received many times during a person’s life, however in the Church young Catholics confess their sins for the first time before First Communion.

The Sacrament Requires

  • The penitent to Confess all known serious sins (mortal sins) to the priest
  • Seek God’s forgiveness by a sincere Act of Contrition
  • Show remorse by intending to avoid sinfulness in the future and seek absolution from the priest.
  • A penance is given by the priest which should be performed after receiving the sacrament.

When Available

This Sacrament of Reconciliation (Confession) is normally available on Saturday’s at 10.30am and at 7pm in St. Mary’s Church, Newmarket.

Special Penitential Services are organised in preparation for Christmas and Easter.